Lydia's daily needs

Lydia's daily needs have changed massively in the last year. Like any other baby she has grown and her needs have changed to suit her age and development. 

Every morning Lydia requires a nebuliser to break down any gunk that has accumulated on her chest over night. 

After her nebuliser, she needs to be washed moisturised and dressed. 

She then has her anti re flux medication and a feed. She is fed through her nose using the tube. 

Lydia then has a round of physio therapy for her chest and a round of physio for her limbs and core. 

After all that hard work, we play and have fun. 

Depending on the day we might have appointments to go to. Currently Lydia goes to physiotherapy, nursery for children with complex needs, specialist play therapy sessions, music therapy, visual impairment play sessions and sensory play therapy. This is on top of any hospital appointments or clinics that we have in the week. 

Lydia then has a nap. Its vital that Lydia has a good sleep in the day, every day to help her brain repair itself. 

Caitlin comes home from school (HOORAY!!!)

We have dinner as a family and the girls play together. 

Then the bed time routine is in place. Our neurologist explained that children with brain injuries like Lydia's find it hard to fall asleep, so we have a routine to help Lydia relax and enjoy bed time. 

Lydia is moisturised and put into her pyjamas then has a round of physio for her chest and for her body. 

We then have a story and she is put into bed with her mobile, music and lights. 

Lydia requires a non invasive ventilator at night for chest hygiene reasons and since she started using one we've had very little hospital admissions, praise God! 

Lydia is popped on her ventilator and given her evening medication. She currently has anti re flux medication as children who are tube fed are prone to re flux and has an antibiotic as a precautionary to nip chest infections in the bud. 

We are very blessed that her needs are so little in comparison to 2016. We hope and pray that in the future her needs becomes less again.